Hi, my name is Jamie, my husband Mark and I own Plate. 15 years ago, we decided to leave our careers in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles, to start a new life...Boy did we! We came to Vermont with no job, and really no idea what we were going to do. In 2002, I got a job at a sandwich shop, and Mark started working there a couple years later. In 2007, we bought it and opened Jamie's on Main. We happily ran that business for 5 years, and then decided it was time for a change. We had talked about opening a nighttime restaurant for awhile. Stowe has many good restaurants, but we were having a hard time finding the type of food we grew up with. Being from California, we were used to clean eating and pure flavors, we missed being able to go to one restaurant and order food for me, a vegetarian, while also satisfying Mark's more meat centric tastes. Tada! PLATE! Our menu is made for everyone. We have a house smoked burger that people say is the best they've ever had, we also have a veggie burger that I feel comfortable saying, is the best veggie burger you'll ever have! You can order a vegan mapo tofu dish and also a ribeye. We really strive for the best flavor, and the best expreience. The setting is stylish, the music is on point, and the banana pudding is to die for. Come check us out, You'll be happy that you did!